AntiSocial Parental Control has 5 main screens. These are:


Main Dashboard

This will open as the default screen when you open the app. This provides a snapshot of usage and offers comparisons to other usages and a usage score. Note that the usage score will be accurate after 14 days of tracking.


Usage Charts

This is where you find ann the infomation about what the user is doing on their phone. You can track 3 things, and looks at statistics from today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 30 days to see trends.

App Usage: the amount of time spent in apps with a list of what is the most time consuming

App Opens: which apps are opens the most often, and how often they are opended

Device Unlocks: a count of how many times the phone is unlocked each day


A map of the tracked locations of the device, this can show up to 24 hours of locations. Pressing on a location marker will show the time the phone was at that location.

Note if GPS is turned off Network signals are used to track location, and that can lead to inaccuracies.



This is the list of applications that are to be blocked on the phone. Importantly these apps are only blocked when a 'blocking mode' is active. 

Any app on the 'available' list can still be used even if a blocking mode has been triggered.



Blocking Modes

AntiSocial has 3 modes of blocking access to the device:

  1. Daily Limit: set a daily usage amount limit in hours and minutes, once that limit is reached apps on the blacklist will be blocked
  2. Schedule: a set and forget schedule that blocks the device on the days and times that you select and save
  3. Timer: block access for a set amount of time, once the timer is completed access is automatically granted. Great for having attention during study time.