Xiaomi has firmware that aggressively conserves battery usage, but as a side effect stops many apps from working.

If you have a Xiaomi phone, please complete the following additional stages after installation to have AntiSocial report properly.
Xiaomi Stage 1: Go into Settings > Battery > Manage apps battery usage > Choose apps >Select AntiSocial. Press on 'no restrictions' and this will permit the app to work.

Xiaomi Stage 2: To ensure the app always works correct, add it to autostart.
Settings > Permissions > Autostart > Select AntiSocial

Xiaomi Stage 3: Lock in Resent
Not every app requires to start with the system and be in the background (active or cached), this is where locking apps in recent come handy if you want to keep some of them locked temporarily. Locked apps in recent will not get closed while cleaning RAM or when the system requires extra RAM to run memory intensive apps/games.
Press physical menu button to open the list of recent apps pull the app icon downwards to lock the app in recent For unlocking, Swipe the locked app icon down again and press unlock icon.

Xiaomi Stage 4: - Manage Apps Behavior While Battery Saver is On
If you are using MIUI battery saver then you must have noticed some of the apps misbehaving.
This is because turning on battery saver will put all the apps on by default rule which is ‘recommended settings of MIUI battery saver’ and some apps might need the exception for all the good reasons. All we have to do is put those specific apps on ‘no restrictions’ rule.Steps
Go to settings > battery > manage apps’ battery usage Under choose apps, find the app and select ‘no restrictions’ rule for it.

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